your brand with holistic branding photography experience that embodies your entire personality.

Having established your small business empire and forged your unique brand identity, it's now the moment for your branding photography to align with your unique personality. 

Immortalize the core of your brand narrative and establish your business as the leader in your industry with unforgettable branding imagery provided by RE / AWAKEN

Holistic Branding Photography Experience.

the experience that continues to

Elevate Your Brand's Unique Essence with you in mind.

When considering Holistic Branding Photography to help elevate your brand you should be prepared for an investment that mirrors the nature of our full-service experience.

For the most comprehensive and immersive experience, our clients typically invest a between of $2000.00-$4000.00 during their experience. Booking requires a one time payment of $550.00 to begin the creative planning. Then each image is available for purchase starting at $150.00 with no limit or restrictions!

This investment includes our time, fully devoted attention to you & your brand and expertise in photography that spans over 15 years.

Most clients choose to add additional essential services such as professional makeup, hairstyling, wardrobe styling, props, and access to premium studio locations to give them that extra luxurious experience!

We take pride in delivering high end imagery that go beyond capturing simple headshots, instead we focus on capturing the very essence of your personality. Every detail, from makeup and styling to the choice of props and the studio location, is carefully curated to align with your unique brand identity to create a genuine connection with your audience,

It's important to understand, this experience isn't going to be just another business expense, that can be written off on your yearly taxes of course! It is going to be a strategic investment that will deliver substantial value to your business over time and continue to deliver over and over with imagery that markets itself.

Our goal is to make RE / AWAKEN a catalyst for success for every brand, fostering diversity and inclusivity in the visual narrative of small businesses.


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Welcome to the brilliance of your personal brand, captured with every frame.

Elevate, captivate, and connect to your ideal customer with re / awaken.

Embark on a visual odyssey where every frame tells your story.

holistic Branding Photography for Everyone

Empowering Your

Unique Journey

At White Moth Studio, we firmly believe that the transformative experience of RE / AWAKEN is not exclusive to some — it's inclusive, for EVERYONE.

Irrespective of the size of your business, your status, or income level, our Holistic Branding Photography service is designed to empower and elevate brands from all walks of life with an experience that will empower you to tell your story and take your business to a new level.

Inclusivity is at the

heart of ReAwaken.

Our commitment to inclusivity extends to businesses of all sizes and backgrounds. Whether you're a woman-owned small business, an LGBTQ+ entrepreneur, a startup forging a new path, or an underrepresented minority-owned business, our

RE / AWAKEN experience is tailored especially for you.

Curious about our process? Take a look through our FAQ for additional details on booking, planning, shooting & delivery!

Crafting Excellence with Every Frame

Elevating Your Brand Essence

Crafting your branding photoshoot is an art that demands time, meticulous planning, and orchestration of various resources such as finding the perfect hair and makeup artists, securing a studio location and coordinating the ideal wardrobe styling. Your brand deserves excellence, and so should every aspect of its visual representation.

As the leader of your brand your time is precious. RE / AWAKEN aims to streamline the entire photography process, allowing you to devote your attention solely to steering your business towards greater success. 

Your upcoming shoot is not just a session to us; it's a thorough composition where every detail aligns with the extraordinary essence of your personal brand.



Your Brand, Our Artistry


Imagine a luxury branding photoshoot where every detail is not just considered but perfected by a team of experts. With RE/AWAKEN your brand vision comes to life one detail at a time. We handle every aspect of the experience from prep & planning your ideal shoot, makeup and hair to wardrobe curation and studio location. 

This is the magic of RE / AWAKEN, we seamlessly blend creativity with strategy. Your brand's visual narrative is carefully crafted, ensuring that every image tells a compelling story. 

Your vision becomes reality, providing not just photographs but a collection of strategic, marketing-focused imagery that tells your brands unique story. 

This isn't wishful thinking; this is what we do. 

Myumi Chan & Co. Candles

Client Testimonials

"Dasha excels not only as an amazing photographer but also as a skilled stylist and photo retoucher. Her communication and image delivery are prompt, and she captured high-quality fashion photos of me AND product photos for my new candle business. Book her and you will not be disappointed! 10/10 highly recommend!"

Taylor Washington

Client Testimonials

"I truly enjoy working with Dasha, she is such a beautiful soul in and out! She’s super friendly and makes you feel comfortable when shooting. She’s so helpful on how to create that perfect pose! I would highly recommend working with Dasha to level up your imagery! Thank you so much Dasha!"

Savannah Levesque

Client Testimonials

"Dasha was incredible to work with from start to finish. She made being in front of the camera a very fun and lighthearted experience. She is truly one of the most creative photographers I have had the pleasure of working with & I love how unique/different her images are from the rest."

RE / AWAKEN isn't just a branding photography service, it's a holistic transformation.

Myumi Chan & Co.

Turning Your Vision into reality

Elevate Your Brand and Captivate

Your Audience

If you're ready to:

Craft a Unique Identity

Our images go beyond mere visuals; they become the cornerstone of your unique identity, elevating your marketing and social media presence.

Build Trust With your Audience

Personalized imagery is the key to building trust with your customer. Let us showcase who you are and what you do, creating a visual narrative that 

resonates with your audience.

Elevate Your Branding Presence

Your photographs are the building blocks of an extensive image library you can use everyday to up-level your brand online. 

Use them strategically for marketing or for fun to connect with your target audience, creating engagement-worthy content daily!

Attract Aligned Clients

Our photographs are not just aesthetically pleasing; they're a powerful tool here to help you attract high-end clients who align with your brand on a deeper, personal level. 

Promote Your Brand's Services

Let your branding imagery do the talking. Holistic Branding Photography helps you upsell, advertise, promote, and market your personal brand effectively through unique and timeless imagery. They do all the talking so you don't have to.

Make the decision to transform your brand narrative through our lens

With RE/AWAKEN, your brand voice will resonate and captivate, leaving a lasting impression on your audience for years to come.

Invest in the visual future of your brand with

Gabija Guzauskaite

Client Testimonials

"I have used Dasha Denger as a photographer for my portfolio and as a retoucher for my photography work - she is incredible at both! I love shooting with her, she is so creative in her lighting and styling. I couldn’t recommend her enough - if you are looking for a photographer - HIRE HER!! She is AMAZING!"

Wendy Woldenberg of WEND Jewelry

Client Testimonials

"I worked with Dasha at White Moth to photograph my brand's jewelry on a model, and she was a rock star! Can't recommend the final results and process enough!"

Claire Caruso

Client Testimonials

"Where to start with Dasha? I have known this multi talented artist for over a decade. She has gotten me published as a model in Vogue Italia and I have also hired her for creative yet clean product shoots for my business. She brings a breadth of knowledge to a shoot beyond the average photographer, supplying feedback, styling, and helpful pose instruction. Her vision is total and editorial in nature, I am constantly amazed at what she produces. She is timely with end product and thorough but not heavy handed with retouching. A master of her craft anyone would be delighted they hired her!"

Begin your journey to visual brilliance with White Moth Studio and transform your brand into a captivating narrative that leaves an indelible mark on the world.


What to expect

Our Process



NO. 01


To begin we will schedule a Free 30 minute Consultation Call to see if we are a good fit. We will need to first understand your brands vision, purpose and target audience. You will  answer a quick questionnaire to help better align your needs with our expertise.


NO. 02


Once we know what you are looking to gain from the session, we will work together on creating a moodboard of visuals to map out your ideal theme, location, lighting & posing direction for our shoot. We will create a clear outline for the entire experience making sure you are at the forefront of each step.


NO. 03


Before the shoot we will finalize your outfits, date & time, location and ideal shooting poses. We will work together on a shot list that will embody your brands authentic vision & voice!


NO. 04


Now that all initial planning is complete, it’s time for you to take center stage and & SHINE! We have everything covered so you can relax, get inspired and have fun on set being yourself and letting your inner goddess flourish with every photograph!


NO. 05


After we put on all the finishing touches on your top selected images, you’ll be ready to show the world your gorgeous new imagery with an easy and secure, private online gallery. From here you can download all of your images and share them immediately to begin up-leveling your marketing & online presence!

Up-level your brand, captivate your audience. 

Ensure your business has a lasting impact on your industry with imagery by 


ready to

Book A Call

Let your story unfold through our lens, where every photograph taken is a step toward your brand excellence. The White Moth Studio in Seattle is not just an ordinary studio taking beautiful portraits. We are a Full Service Experience here to help take your brand from nice-looking to high-powered with imagery that will continue to elevate your brand to new heights.

Re/Awaken Your Brand

And step into your authenticity with White Moth Studio.

Please let us know your social media handles so we can connect online!

We offer strategic discounts for small businesses and startups that are still in their building stages and or are having financial difficulties*

Located in Belltown, Seattle, White Moth Studio is a photography studio which provides that personal touch every client needs for their brand's ultimate success.




What is the booking process like?

After our consultation call you'll decide on the best package that fits your needs and schedule a tentative shoot date.

I'll begin the planning process with a moodboard of visuals, and go over your brand's colors, vision, ideal target audience and mission.

We will also confirm your shooting location, book makeup & hair artist as well as wardrobe styling & props for the shoot.

Do you have payment plans?

We do have flexible payment options when booking in advance 1-3 months.

The first payment of 50% is due upon booking to secure the session date, the remaining fee can be broken up into multiple payments, final payment due a week prior to the session date.

All payment must be made on or before the session or a reschedule date will be required.

Payment options include Credit Card and manual payments.

Is there a deposit for the session?

Yes, in order for us to begin work together we will require a down payment for 50% of the minimum investment up front.

This is necessary to cover any overhead costs of planning as well as compensation for all creative energy that goes into the magical process from day one.

The remaining half along with any other additional add-on services, studio/location fees and travel fees will be due no later than session date.

What is the cancellation policy?

Due to the nature of this work, there is a no cancellation, no refund policy.

We are happy to provide 1 re-schedule date should the weather be inclement or if there are other circumstances outside of your control preventing you from attending the shoot. One week advance notice is necessary to re-schedule. If there is a no call no show the shoot and contract will be voided immediately and the 50% deposit will not be refunded.

If you have to re-schedule less than 48 hours prior to the shoot, a late notice fee of $150.00 will be added to your final payment.

Do you offer Discounts?

Recognizing the need for diverse voices in the visual landscape, we offer discounted rates for underrepresented and minority-owned businesses.

To ensure fair and accessible pricing, our discount system is designed to be considerate of varying circumstances.

Qualification for a discount may be determined through a simple application process where businesses can provide information about their annual revenue, size, and any other pertinent details.

Discounts could be tiered, with the percentage adjusted based on factors such as annual revenue or the specific circumstances of the business.

If you believe you qualify for a discount, please feel free to reach out to us via the contact form below and we will be happy to start you with the application process!

How far in advance should I book?

You are welcome to book up to 3-4 months in advance of your desired shoot date.

In fact it is for the best to book a minimum of 1-2 months in advance since that guarantees ample planning time to execute the most successful shoot! 

When booking, simply select the desired date & time on our calendar and should the date need to be changed later please provide 1 week of advance notice for any date or time changes.



Will you help me come up with ideas?

Absolutely! Creating a moodboard of inspiration for the shoot is my top priority!

I will create a private Pinterest board for us to use with ideas on lighting, posing, wardrobe, studio and or location ideas as well as color schemes, additional detail shot inspiration that might include your products / personal tools you use daily in your business and or your laptop / journaling.

Then when I have the moodboard finished we will go over it together, keeping what resonates and letting go of anything that doesn't fit.

For the photoshoot I will create a final PDF copy with all our best inspiration carefully printed out full of ideas and inspirations for us to use on set!

What is a Shot List?

A shot list is a posing, lighting, studio setup and clothing organization tool that photographers use in order to keep all aspects of the shoot in line.

A shot list can include but is not limited to posing ideas from full body, half body, portrait close up and or landscape wide angle framing ideas. It can also include lighting examples ranging from natural light, soft studio light, direct studio light and or creative studio lighting.

This will ensure you and I are both happy with the direction we wish to take the shoot before we even step foot on set!

We will curate the shot list together after we have looked over our initial moodboard I will combine a final shot list PDF with our most desired poses, expressions, lighting, makeup & hair looks, wardrobe styling and location ideas. Just like the moodboard I will print it for use during the shoot.

Do we shoot at your studio or on location?

The shot location plays a significant role in capturing unique and personalized photographs. The final location of our shoot will be decided based on the visual direction, your brands voice & essence as well as what environment fits your aesthetics best.

Whether it's at your home office, specialty office studio, Airbnb with bright and open aesthetics, or at our specialty studio, we're open to capturing your imagery in a place that holds meaning to you and highlights your business ideals.

If you are interested in shooting at your personal location, please notify us upon booking as certain travel and transportation fees may be included. If you are interested in shooting at our studio location the price is already worked into the final investment price!

However if you are interested in a rental location, please send us your preferences upon booking so we can guarantee everything is complete for our session date.

Travel fees apply for trips extending over 15 miles outside of the downtown Seattle area where we are located.

Do I need to bring my own wardrobe?

Though wardrobe styling is available as an additional add on to any of our flexible packages, you are required to bring your own outfits if you choose to opt out of the styling add on.

The amount of outfits generally depends on your needs, package selection (how much time we will have together) as well as how fast you pose and change.

We are always here to help make your life easier and streamlining the wardrobe & product props by choosing the add on service is the best way to ensure that you don't have to worry about a thing!

If you do however choose to bring your own items, you are welcome to bring as many items as you'd like and we will choose the best ones together!

Can we shoot outdoors, instead of studio?

Of course! If you would rather be one with nature during our luxury branding session, I am SO down!

Please specify what location you'd prefer to shoot at during your booking and I will take into account possible locations, if permits will be needed as well as general ideas for how to implement outdoor locations with your unique brand.

Shooting outdoors may also require additional lighting, tools and or assistants so please be aware that there may be additional charges for outdoor sessions.

Will you have an assistant on set? Or can I bring a friend to help out?

An assistant is always a possibility, yes!

Please let me know at booking that you are interested in additional help during the shoot day and I will be happy to find someone that will help us on set.

If you would rather have a trusted business colleague or a close friend / family member come help you during the shoot, you are welcome to invite them!

I do ask however that whomever you wish to invite is introduced to me prior to the shoot either via a conference call or in person meeting so we can all get acquainted beforehand.

There is an additional fee for hiring an assistant that varies by time, person and availability.



How long does the shoot last?

Our Full Day Package includes 6 total hours of studio time. This includes the arrival time, prep & planning our outfits, makeup & hair styling time (if chosen) as well as small breaks. 

When you arrive I will walk you through our location, wardrobe options, props & styling setup as well as introduce you to the team!

While you are getting glammed up I will curate your outfit looks one by one, find the best shooting spots and walk you through our optimal poses, themes and lighting options.

How many outfits do I receive?

During the Full Day Package we have 6 total hours of studio time you are welcome to change up to 3 times.

With the Half Day package we have 4 total hours of studio time so you are welcome 

to change up to 2 times. 

I will personally combine and curate your wardrobe closet for the shoot based on your personal brand & inspiration. I will ensure that we have plenty of clothing items ready to shoot that can even be kept after the shoot if you so desire!

All items are charged at cost plus a sourcing fee.

Can I change Hair or Makeup during the shoot?

Of course! The professional makeup artist will have our moodboard for makeup, hair & general styling on hand before our shoot so they will have the concept of 2-3 different makeup looks for you to impalement with any of your wardrobe looks.

*Please note additional looks will have an additional fee from the makeup artist professional.

Do you help with poses & direction?

YES! Absolutely I have been coaching and mentoring portrait clients & fashion models for over a decade so I have a lot of experience navigating & posing!

In our planning process I will combine a moodboard of posing ideas, direction for expressions & body movements to ensure you are equipped with all the proper tools before our session.

During the shoot I will be hands on guiding you to strike your best pose with the right physical turns & twists, evoking special emotional signals that will guarantee you're natural & relaxed expression shines through. 

You will feel relaxed, at ease and at times unaware that we are photographing you because the entire process feels more like a fun hangout than a serious shoot!

How do I change outdoors?

There are many creative ways to hide you while you change outside!

From using your vehicle to using the local amenities while on location, we will ensure that you are safe, comfortable and able to change quickly anywhere!

What if I need more shooting time?

If we run over our 6 or 4 hours of time during your RE/AWAKEN session, each additional hour will be billed for including photographer's time, makeup artist's time & studio time.



How long is the turnaround time?

The turnaround for all packages is 2 weeks from the time of proofing.

Once you have proofed your final images for retouching, I will ensure that those images are returned in the highest quality resolution JPG format that is ready for sharing online and on your social media!

How many total images will I get?

In total, along with your retouched images, you can expect a gallery of roughly 150-200 professional photographed images. 

These images will be saved in the highest quality JPG format but they will not be fully retouched (which means skin, hair and other aspects of the photo will not be touched up after the shooting process).

Providing you a gallery of these additional images ensures that you are completely set up with branding imagery that you can use to elevate your brand on your social platforms as backgrounds, detail shots, fun and filler content for your feed, website & everything in between!

How are the images delivered?

The final image gallery will be emailed within 2 weeks of of our proofing process.

The private online gallery is password protected and has many versatile options from viewing, favoring and adding notes to the images.

You will be able to share the images immediately online and to other social platforms using the sharing buttons.

Additionally you can order printed materials right from your gallery that will drop ship straight to your house in a matter of days from our trusted, top tier printing lab! 

How many retouched images will I get?

The Full Day Package includes 35 retouched images.

The Half Day Package includes 20 retouched images.

The Hourly Package includes 10 images per 1 hour of photographing time.

All of these images will be carefully selected, reviewed & touched up in Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop.

Can I have more retouched images? How much will that cost?

YES! Of course you can! If you love your retouched images but want more to share on your website, blog or social media platforms, please contact us as soon as possible.

Additional images have an additional 2 week turnaround time and the fee varies depending on the complexity of the retouching needed. 

How long will the gallery be online?

The gallery will be accessible for up to 4 weeks after your delivery date.

Since we all know storage space is expensive we typically do not store all sessions online for more than 1 month.

As the client it is very important that you download then backup all of your images a minimum of 2 times (two different secure locations such as a SSD hard drive, personal cloud storage or a flash drive) to ensure no images will be permanently lost or deleted after the gallery expiration date.

Should you want to extend the online gallery by additional weeks or months, a weekly storage fee of $15.00 will be billed for however much time is needed.


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